Live 2-Week Transformational Course

How Deeply a Man Commits Is Up to You

2-week program for powerful women who desire to be ‘claimed’.

There’s a common misconception that men claim women, and many of you are waiting around to be claimed. In reality, the depth to which a man commits to you, is completely up to you. Women claim men. The power already lives inside of you, let me give you the tools to embody it and cultivate the relationship you desire.


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Love, I really get it.

The waiting, the wishing, the ‘casually’ dropping hints in conversation about your friends who just took their relationship to the next levels… is literally THE WORST. It’s excruciating.

  • You are waiting for a man to "claim" you but he never does

  • You’re in a relationship or situationship and are waiting for him to initiate taking it to the next level

  • You want to feel deeply desired by men (or a man in particular)

  • You‘re sick of casual dating and can’t seem to meet anyone who’s serious about a relationship

What My Clients Are Saying

Since I remember myself I have been more in my masculine energy which inevitably turned into unhealthy relationship patterns and a lot of power struggle. While I was generally aware of that, only when I started to work with Kayla I realised the real reasons behind my confusion, how I can manage and transform my energy & improve the connection with my own body, feminine side and my existing and future relationships. Both romantic and platonic.

Kayla really knows how to create a safe, open and nurturing space for women to come together and help embrace themselves in a calming and loving way. Working with Kayla is ongoing experience where every time I learn something new about my body, desires and let go of the shameful understanding of sex, self-pleasure & intimacy.. and learn to reclaim what is MINE.

Monta M.

It‘s time to stop sitting around waiting and wishing. It’s time to take your power back.

In this course, we’re going to take out all the unknown. You will learn the power of the feminine and how to harness it in a way that gets men to respond.

  • Feel confident in your ability to take your relationships with men to a deeper level of commitment

  • Communicate more effectively with men in all areas

  • Inspire men to step up and take the lead more often

  • Cultivate juicer and more pleasurable relationships with men

Learn How to Claim Men

Here’s a little sneak peek of the curriculum.

  • Module 1: Irresistibly feminine

    Learn not only what it means to be in your feminine, but how to embody it in a way that the masculine won’t be able to resist.

  • Module 2: Understanding men (& how to communicate with them)

    Men are very different from women. We can’t treat them like women and expect it to work, it simply doesn’t. They’re like a different species. Learn how to communicate with men in a way that actually works.

  • Module 3: Trusting & Receiving

    Trusting the masculine and being able to receive is a huge part of the relationship. Don’t trust men? Why would one of them want to commit to you?

  • Module 4: Devotion

    Evoking commitment and excitement in men is driven by how we show up as women.

  • Module 5: Commitment

    Are you actually ready for commitment? Not just in your mind but in your body? How you’re showing up in your relationship is going to be reflected back to you.

  • Bonus Module: Balance freedom & claiming

    Giving your man freedom and also claiming him is an art. So how can we do/have both?

Are you ready to move into deeper connection and partnership with the man of your dreams?

Live Course Duration
May 30 ET/31st Bali – June 14th ET/15th Bali
*Call times below

Investment: $497


Can I join at any time?

No, enrollment ends May 16th so we can create an intimate group container and move through the course together.

What dates/times are the sessions?

Call 1: Monday May 30th 8 – 9pm ET / Tuesday May 31st, 8 – 9am Bali time

Call 2: Thursday June 2nd 8 – 9pm ET / Friday June 3rd, 8 – 9am Bali time

Call 3: Sunday June 5th 8 – 9pm ET / Monday June 6th, 8 – 9am Bali time

Call 4: Wednesday June 8th 8 – 9pm ET / Thursday June 9th, 8 – 9am Bali time

Call 5: Sunday June 12th 8 – 9pm ET / Monday June 13th, 8 – 9am Bali time

Bonus Call: Tuesday June 14th 8 – 9pm ET / Wednesday June 15th, 8 – 9am Bali time

These are the live call times, but sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

Will you run this experience again in the future?

Honestly, I’m not sure! I can’t promise future rounds live, but this will likely become an evergreen course 🙂