Talk Sex Membership.

This membership is both a super juicy and fun education for the modern women AND an opportunity to join a tribe of women who will support you as the goddess you are.

Join this sex-positive community of women, today!

Additional Information:

Workshops and events will be recorded and available for you to access throughout the entire month.

“That’s what she said” conversations and moon ceremonies will not be recorded in order to protect the sanctity and intimacy of the space.

  • Sex Workshop/Event

    Led by Kayla or a guest expert. This event will be an opportunity to learn something new. It could be anything from setting boundaries to doing a strip tease. Get excited!

  • That’s what she said

    A conscious conversation on a different topic each month where you will have the chance to talk to other women about their experiences, as well as share your own. Conversations will be facilitated by Kayla.

    Some example topics: dirty talk, bodily fluids, when to start having sex with a new partner, cycle tracking etc.

  • Slack Community

    Connect with other women, get access to tons of sex/intimacy resources, and receive support from Kayla and our team.

  • New Moon & Full Moon Ceremonies (Add-on Option)

    Set intentions, release things that are no longer serving you, and come together with a community of women twice a month. Kayla will lead the ceremonies each month – you can be sure there will be a lot of burning and dancing!

    This part of the membership is an add-on. In other words, you can add-on the ceremonies to the basic membership for an additional $30 a month.