The Reclamation.

An exclusive 11 part video series with worksheets and challenges designed to guide you through the process of reclaiming all aspects of yourself that you’ve lost or abandoned throughout your life.

  • 11 Modules

    Each section of the course includes video, text, reflection, and challenges.

  • Truth, Dare & Bonus Challenges

    These challenges are not designed to be easy, but they are designed to create lasting change and transformation. So choose one of them or all of them, but the more you commit to, the faster and more effectively the course will integrate into your life.

  • 1-1 Intuitive Guidance Session (Add-on Option)

    Add a 2-hour Intuitive Guidance session with Kayla to receive more insight as to what changes you can start making specific to your life. With this additional customization, the challenges given to you live will be created to fit your unique blueprint and soul essence.

    Receive a live healing and customize your program to be uniquely your own.