Beliefs as a Womxn

Where do your beliefs as a woman come from? Are they actually yours? Are they true? •

Conditioning gives us the perception that these beliefs are TRUTHS. And that leads to you becoming the woman you SHOULD be, rather than the women you ARE.

Getting the body beautiful women SHOULD have. Speaking the way a lady SHOULD. Actions strong women SHOULD take.

But none of these are truths. Your only “truth” is the one that resonates deep within you, at your core. But most of the time, you keep those desires and “truths” hidden and suppressed in fear of judgment or disconnection from the world around you.

I have done this for years. I’ve spent so much time trying to conform to what I believe the world expects of me, as a woman. I’ve spent countless hours trying to have the body of a “beautiful woman”. I try not to swear too much because that’s not how a “lady” would speak. I beat myself up everytime I just need a day to relax and reset, because that’s not how a “strong, driven woman” would act.

Where did these beliefs come from? They certainly aren’t mine. So why I am trying so hard to conform to the beliefs of others? So far, they haven’t gotten me anywhere but into a downward mental spiral of overthinking, guilt, and shame.

What if you threw those beliefs, the ones that aren’t yours, to the wayside and started being, speaking, acting in a way that’s actually true for you? What could be possible?

When are you going to start breaking free and showing up fully-expressed instead of showing up in the way that you SHOULD? •


Do these words resonate with you? Can you already see where you’re holding back?

Interested in discovering the 3 main blocks keeping you from living your life, fully-expressed? Use the link in my bio to talk to me about it. You will leave knowing EXACTLY why you are holding back and exactly what to shift.

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