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Beliefs as a Womxn

Where do your beliefs as a woman come from? Are they actually yours? Are they true? • • Conditioning gives us the perception that these beliefs are TRUTHS. And that leads to you becoming the woman you SHOULD be, rather than the women you ARE. • • Getting the body beautiful women SHOULD have. Speaking […]

Intimacy in COVID

How can we have more intimacy during a time when we are physically separated from all of humanity? : Intimacy starts with you. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. : How often are you giving her love and attention? : How often do you tell her how fabulous she […]


What if? What if we started living in alignment with what we really want?
• • What if we started doing things every day simply because they bring us joy?
• • What if we started saying the things that are on our mind and in our hearts instead of taking time to filter or say what […]


Happy Monday! How do you start your week? : For me, there’s nothing like a high-energy, sexy dance session. Yes, I blast music, and dance my ass off. It gets me excited and energized for the week, while simultaneously getting me connected to my body. : It’s so important to do little things for ourselves […]

Unapologetically Me

I’ve always felt like a bit of an outcast. Especially when it came to my desires sexually. I was always the “crazy, wild” one. : Some people loved me because I encouraged them to let their hair down and have a good time. Other people shamed me for not being a “lady” or not following […]


Right now, I’m getting a lot of questions from women about intimacy while they’re in quarantine… “Intimacy doesn’t seem relevant when I’m isolated from the world and I have no one to be intimate with.” • I totally get it. It seems weird to talk about intimacy if you have no one to be intimate […]


Sometimes I take life too seriously. Idk about you, but it’s SO easy for me to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working and all the things I “should” be doing, that I forget to just take a moment and enjoy life. • • We often forget to embrace our inner child-like […]


Sometimes being a goddess doesn’t always mean being full of confidence, love and light. Sometimes it means being dark, tense, angry, bitchy, scratchy, and emotional. • • This weekend, I was full of rage. And I was also a POWERFUL goddess. • • It’s important to love and embrace that anger and sadness that bubbles […]


Lets talk about desire. • • We as women have this belief that we don’t deserve pleasure. Or we don’t deserve to have everything we want. • • If we actually ask for what we really want, we’ll be seen as “too much” or “high maintenance”. • • This is bullshit. • • We absolutely […]

Uninhibited Intro

Come play with meeeee It’s finally here!!! • • Today, I’m officially opening enrollment for my group program – UNINHIBITED – for women who want to explore with women in 2021. • • Do you feel trapped in a heteronormative box? It’s scary to explore new desires… • • Maybe you wonder what your friends […]