Sometimes I take life too seriously. Idk about you, but it’s SO easy for me to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working and all the things I “should” be doing, that I forget to just take a moment and enjoy life.

We often forget to embrace our inner child-like and playful energy! But when we do, it makes life SO 👏🏻 MUCH 👏🏻 BETTER 👏🏻.

Every day you give yourself permission to get silly and just do something purely for fun, I promise, it’ll be a better day than if you don’t.

Play. Laugh. Connect. Breathe. Be present.

The rest of the busyness we create in our lives can fucking wait. There’s no such thing as an email emergency 🚨.

When was the last time you threw yourself a dance party? 💃🏻

When was the last time you frolicked around in the rain? 🌧

When was the last time you skipped through the park? 🍃

I encourage you to take some time for yourself today — do something silly and fun! Just because you can.

Tell me how you’re cultivating your inner child today in the comments! And send me a DM if you need ideas 💡⚡️

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