Right now, I’m getting a lot of questions from women about intimacy while they’re in quarantine… “Intimacy doesn’t seem relevant when I’m isolated from the world and I have no one to be intimate with.”

I totally get it. It seems weird to talk about intimacy if you have no one to be intimate with, but let me tell you a little secret… you DO have someone to be intimate with… YOURSELF. Despite what most of us believe or have been taught, intimacy starts with you.

What are you doing to create love, pleasure and intimacy in your most important relationship? Your relationship with yourself. The one that will consistently be there… THAT relationship needs to be nurtured just as much, if not more than your relationship with others.

A really great way to practice loving yourself, is with self-pleasure.

Maybe you light some candles, get some coconut oil, put on your favorite sexy playlist and just love every inch of your own body.

Maybe you put on some lingerie and watch yourself in the mirror.

Maybe you grab your favorite vibrator or toy.

Maybe you watch porn.

Maybe you do all of the above.

There is no “right” way to self-pleasure. Do whatever makes YOU feel like the sexy, yummy goddess that you are. Do whatever brings YOU pleasure.

And if it feels awkward to do any of those things, that’s okay too. Most of us are not taught how to love ourselves, and so it can feel unnatural or weird.

If you’re nervous, I encourage you to give it a try anyway. See how you feel. The more you can be open to exploring your body in new and different ways, the easier it will get and the more natural it will feel.

You are worthy of love and pleasure. First and foremost from yourself, but also from others.

Take advantage of this time and be intentional about nurturing your relationship with yourself. Intimacy starts with YOU.

Tell me in the comments, how does self-pleasure fit into your life?

And if it’s something you struggle with, DM me and we’ll figure out what’s getting in the way of you having that sexy, fun and intimate relationship with yourself.

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