Lets talk about desire.

We as women have this belief that we don’t deserve pleasure. Or we don’t deserve to have everything we want.

If we actually ask for what we really want, we’ll be seen as “too much” or “high maintenance”.

This is bullshit.

We absolutely deserve to ask for what we want, but, without expectation.

You, and everyone else, also has the right to say “yes” or “no” in response to a desire. But just because we might be met with a “no”, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask.

It is your right to ask. To stand for what it is you desire. Because you absolutely are worthy of it all.

Desires are powerful. So lean in. Look inside yourself to see what’s there. Do you have desires you’ve been keeping inside that want to be set free? Give those desires the space to be seen and heard. Give yourself permission to want those things.

You are a goddess and deserve to have it all🔥

📸: @kanaciamichelle

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